Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crazy Deal Day

Thanks so much for all the orders during my little sale.  I truly appreciate them!!!!  I sold a lot of boro, which I am so happy about.  Mean I need to make more, which I love doing.  I am adding a few new sets.  I absolutely love this first set.  Look at those colors.

I just listed a "crazy deal" for you, but you have to find it to take advantage of it.  I realize it would take forever to find it with all the items on my web site, so I will give you a hint that it is listed in my bead sets under the shapes sets.  Its a great deal for a great set of "colorful, swirly" beads.  (I only have a limited amount of this glass, so get them soon before they are sold out)  Thanks!


Cheri B said...

Is it 'silver blue lentils'?-- other items sold is only 1--while all the others are multiples--and it is 'black jazz' which I wouldn;t think they go together????

Caroline said...

Melissa, you're right. That blue set is gorgeous! Love looking through all of your sets just to see the color combinations you come up with.

Kristen said...

Found it!! What a great idea Melissa! Love everything I looked at too! Gotta crazy deal set coming my way! :)

Melissa said...

You don't need to guess what it is, when you click on the item it will tell you the price and which one it it.

Thanks Caroline, so glad you like them.

Thanks so much for the order Kristen. Will get them shipped right out to you!