Friday, October 17, 2008

1st the bead pictures.  I got some more of this "veiled" glass that I love, so the other day I made about 5 new curved focal and some lentil sets in different colors.  I will be adding them to the website today.  I love the look of that glass with the glass shards.  The pink is the most bright beautiful pink I have ever worked with.

We had a fun day yesterday at the pumpkin patch and for Lukin's bday.  I haven't edited the pictures yet, but here are a couple.

At the pumpkin patch there is a maze made out of hay bails.  Lukin was running and ran in to the edge of the bail and scratched his face up on the end of the hay.  It looked terrible (although he still is cute ;)  By last night at his party you could barely see the scratches, so I was happy.  I don't think it hurt as bad as it looked.

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Cheri B said...

I hope the beads I got were not a total mistake??!!(are boro 3 also) I want them too!! I had ordered flower boro 3 but I would have ordered these also, on the 15% off day; but I didn't think they were available?? Let me know... I hope I can keep these and you send me a pay-pal for the flower boro 3?