Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Beads

Finally have some new items to show you. I made some new hollows beads last week. I just love to hold them, they are so light and fun. Most of them measure about 10mm x 17mm.

I love this set, such beautiful colors. Here is the set Lovely Crystals
Streaky Multi Disks
Streaky Purple Disks
AND.... the first person to place an order over $65 will receive this flower bead and matching spacers for FREE. Just put the word "flower" in the comments section. I will post here when it is gone. Just a little somethin' for ya!

1 comment:

belinha said...

You do this beads?!I mean you do not buy it?We can do this at home?!!I know nothing about beads and I think I have no taste to do this....:)Lovely beads!