Friday, February 19, 2010


I am off to the dentist. I have been putting this off for years, but finally need to do it ~ need to get my wisdom teeth pulled. This is just the appointment before the actual procedure, so I am not freaking out yet. When I say freaking out, I mean really freaking out. I have never had to be put out or had any type of surgery EVER, so I am so nervous about this. I know today will be just talking, but the actual day ~ oh my, can't even imagine.

On a funner note, I got my glass yesterday. I made some fun beads last night with it. Can't wait to play some more. We have a pretty busy weekend, so it won't be until next week. In the meantime I do have a few new sets/focals. I love the black ones with the gold foil. I need to get that gold foil out more and include it in more beads, it is just a little difficult to work with I guess.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Janice Judge said...

Melissa - my daughter had all 4 out and she was nervous too ! but the oral surgeon gave her the laughing gas and she brought her ipod... she even admitted that it wasn't so bad... it kinda hurts after tho after the gas wears off !!