Monday, September 27, 2010

Love it!

Had a good time at the Fall Festival. Thanks to all who came out and bought! Saturday was a huge bummer though with it raining ALL day. It was still a good show though. Came home and had a new press waiting in the mail for me. I had a chance to play with it some yesterday and LOVE these beads. Haven't been this excited about a tool in a long time. I can't wait to design with some of these beads. They are so different and unique. I am also expecting some new glass Thursday, but will be getting ready for my show on Saturday in Sun Prairie at Meant to Bead. I am working on some orders today, but hope to have some more sets with this cool shape soon. Have a great Monday!

Pair 21
Pair 22
Ribbed 1
Ribbed 2
Ribbed 3
Ribbed 4

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Kristen said...

Ok, I LOVE them!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!