Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's!!!

Lots to do today... BUT wanted to show you a few more pendants (sick of them yet) that we made. You can see them all on my facebook page.

Also, here is another item of interest you might want to check out. Some of you might have heard about this. Someone put up an eagle cam in Decorah, Iowa. I think the eaglets are going to hatch today. People are pretty much glued to the eagle cams today, including us. I am suppose to be getting so much done, but can't stop checking on this eagle.

Oh, I had the best April Fool's Joke played on me today. Lukin woke up and said, "Mom?" I, of course, replied "What?" He said, "Gotcha, April Fool's Day. I didn't really want anything!" So funny.

Have a great day!

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