Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks so much to everyone who posted about our trip.  I appreciate all your words and suggestions.

I videotaped it when we told the kids on Saturday.  I have been trying to figure out how to put it online, but not sure how to do that yet.  It was so funny.  This is the story...

Justin had been growing a winter beard.  In some conversation he said when he shaves the beard that would mean we were going to Disney.  (this was awhile ago)  I didn't know if the kids would notice right away that he shaved or if it would take awhile for it to click.  Saturday morning he went in the bathroom, locked the door and shaved it off.  I was out videotaping the kids and they were making their funny faces.  Justin walked out of the bedroom and Jayla screams right away, throws her arms in the air and runs over to him asking all sorts of questions.  Cana, who is 5, is so confused and just stares at his face with the most puzzling face I have ever seen.  Pretty soon she reaches up to touch his bare skin.  Lukin, who is 3, starts running and jumping as well.  When we ask what is going on he replies "I don't know"  Amerah caught on in a little while and was super excited as well.  It has made me so much more excited being able to talk to them about going to Disney and showing them pictures of Sea World online and seeing how excited they are.

As you can imagine this week I am pretty busy getting things ready.  I will try to get a couple new sets posted online.  Remember that I won't be shipping anything next week at all.

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