Monday, September 14, 2009

Here ya go

I think I might have explained this before, but I will try to explain this setup. This first picture is of myself and Jess Italia-Lincoln. If that name sounds familiar it is probably because you have seen her designs in LOTS of magazines (Stringing, Bead Trends, Beadstyle, to name a few). She is the most amazing jewelry designer (below you will see what I am talking about) She co-owns Galena Beads with her mother (who is the sweetest lady) and Jan (who makes amazing paintings) Then, Jess and another friend, Wendy, started up Vintaj which I am sure you are all familiar with. If not, click on the link and you will be amazed at their designs and products. Vintaj is a wholesale only website, but if you see something in the bracelets or necklaces that I will be posting, the Galena beads website sells individual pieces on their website.

A shot of my table, and WOW is my tablecloth ever crooked. Yikes!
A picture of the outside of the store
A shot of main street all filled with cute little shops
Such a fun store!!! It's clean, organized, big, lots of variety, and tons of jewelry to drool over.
So on Saturday Jess had boughten a FEW beads and came back on Sunday with all this jewelry made. She had stayed up until 1:30 or so making jewelry. I couldn't believe how quick she was. Here are a few pieces she had, are they not the coolest?????? ( The pictures aren't the best, but you can at least see) This necklace was one of my favorites. She had gotten these rocks on Lake Michigan, then she wrapped it with one of Vintaj's butterfly's.
I love how she took beads from all different sets and put them all in one bracelet.

I have a few more pictures that I will share tomorrow, it's time for bed. What cha think??? Pretty fun huh?? Jess, hope I got all that info correct and didn't share too much :)


Kristen said...

Beautiful set up Melissa, what a great shop! I love the beads that Jess chose and the pieces that she made! Boy she is quick! I wish I had enough energy to stay up late to create! Lovely work, from both of you! :)

Karen Gill said...

Wow what a great shop! I'd love to be there! Beautiful creations Jess made with your gorgeous beads. I love your work, ladies!

Linda said...

Wish I could visit the shop. Jess's creations are beautiful. I love those bracelets!

Jess Italia Lincoln said...

Thanks Melissa for sharing photos and to everyone for the very kind words! I love Melissa's beads (as you can see) they inspire me and I will keep designing... I hope to add photos to the Vintaj gallery soon. Working on some projects for Stringing, Bead Trends, Belle Armoire Jewelry and BeadStyle. Fingers crossed that they get accepted!