Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good times...

Thanks so much for everyone who came to Bead Haven this weekend. Had a great time! It's always so fun there and great to see familiar faces. Would love to see what you guys make with the beads you bought. I didn't get a lot of pictures (and forgot to get one of me) but I did snap a few. The 1st one is a good view of the store and the owner Cindi (she has the long blonde hair), the 2nd one is my little corner of the store with all my beads, the 3rd one is Cris, her assistant Susan ;) (Suzi) and her awesome PMC pieces, and the last two are a couple more of my setup.

I am off to teach for some Kindergarten children on Monday, but hope to have some new beads up soon. Have a great Monday! Looking forward to some warm weather this week. May even hit 80!!! That is not a type-o ~ how fun.


Dawn Doucette said...

Good luck with the wee little ones today! I'm so excited too! This week is going to be gorgeous! Hope you get to get outside with the kiddos and enjoy it!

I love the picture of your folding case with all your bead sets. What a beautiful display of gorgeousness! I just want to scoop up the whole case and bring it to my house to play. LOL

Have a great week!

Melissa said...


Your so sweet, wish I could ship all these beads to you to play with. I am sure you would make some awesome pieces!

Dawn Doucette said...

I'm looking forward to the event in September that brings you to Sun Prairie!! I'll make a point to be there to meet you in person and revel in your beautiful beads! :)