Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovin this weather...

Got out for a nice walk yesterday. Loved every minute of it, but know it looks like rain for the next few days. Haven't had much sun this week, but yesterday it did come out for a little while and I got to snap a few pictures. A couple new sets, which I just love. I made this necklace with one of them. I have never bought beads at Michaels before, but went last week and stocked up on some bright spring colors. I just love this long necklace. Here are the beads listed on my website

A couple new focals. Hope to get the rest of the beads photographed today. I have a great set with some gold foil.

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Dawn Doucette said...

Beautiful... to all 3, the necklace and the beads. The weather has been absolutely beautiful! So glad you've gotten a chance to get out and enjoy it... is winter finally over?!?!?! (fingers crossed)

Have a terrific day!