Monday, June 28, 2010

Lots to say...

A few necklaces I have made. I really need to update the jewelry section on my website this week. That is my goal. I feel like we have been running since school has gotten out, but this week looks much more relaxed, so hopefully I will have time for that this week. We will be leaving for the Dells this weekend for a week, so make sure to place your orders soon so I can get them shipped. Oh, which reminds me, I sent out a newsletter last week about a sale on my flower focal beads. I am offering them on sale this week for $22, that is a savings of $6. Just type the word Flower in the coupon box. I will run the sale until Friday. IF you buy more than one, I will refund you the difference (or not charge your credit card)

Ok, here is the necklaces. The first one is blues with one of my focal flowers.

This next one I made for my step mom and mother in law for helping me with the kids while I was at the Bead and Button. I got lots of those beads at the show and it was fun designing with them.

This one I made using Vintaj brass. I donated it this weekend to an auction at a benefit for our nephew we had on Saturday night. It raised $230 (or close to) I was beyond happy with that!!!! I was worried no one would bid on it :) It was great. That is a lampwork green ring I made. I had several of those at the bead and button show and they sold really well. Might think about adding them to the website. I will definitely make another necklace similar to this one soon.

I do have some new beads to post, so check back. I got my new frits and glass the other day. Haven't had a lot of time to play with them, but soon. Have a great week!

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Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Love the flower pendant and the assymetry on the first necklace Melissa! 'Tis the season for craziness. I've read that on more than just your blog... when summer vacation is on, your job becomes 10x more challenging! :) You're handling it well my dear!

Have a terrific evening!