Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here is the other part of our exciting weekend last week...

Last Saturday night we had our family birthday party for Jayla and Amerah. Justin was gone all day, they thought he was helping his brother in Des Moines and would be back right in time for the party. Really he drove 5 hours to get this little puppy by Sioux City and 5 hours home. We had our family here and I lined the kids up and told them daddy really wasn't in Des Moines, that he was building something for them for Christmas and was gonna bring it in. They were so giddy with excitement. Justin had her in his coat and brought her in. I videotaped their reaction and hope to figure out how to download it on utube or something. It was great and so worth all the effort and work. They have had the best weekend and keep thanking us for this little dog. I think we have come to a conclusion on a name ~ NALA. (like the lion on Lion King) ME ~ I am not so excited, but she sure is growing on me. I think it will be ok after we get this potty training thing down. How fun! Enjoy the pictures! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Here Justin is walking in the house with the puppy in his coat.
The kids seeing it for the 1st time.
Here they are when I told them to line up. The are whispering and guessing what it could possibly be.

The happy little puppy Nala!

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