Friday, February 25, 2011

Designs from MJM Designs

So tomorrow is the big Bead Soup Party reveal!!!! I can't wait to share what I made with you. Scroll down to see what I received from Melanie of Earthenwood studios. To be honest when I got it I had NO idea what I was gonna do with them. I have never worked with the "key" theme and something that large. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED it, it was just new to me. Last Saturday I took the whole morning and made a necklace and bracelet that I just adore and can't wait to show you.

Today I want to show you some pieces from Kristen of MJM Designs. Kristen has been a loyal customer for many years now and I have gotten to know her and form a relationship with her over the years. That is so fun to do ;) Her designs are amazing and I love all the extra findings and elements she incorporates into the designs. Here is her facebook fan page and blog (it links to her etsy as well.)

Aren't these great?

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Kristen said...

Thanks Melissa! It's been a real treat to design with beads created by a good friend! :)