Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hope I am not loosing you...

Oh my, how time is getting away from me. I am so sorry about not keeping this fun and interesting, but I have just been so busy with school stuff. I am getting ready to teach Kindergarten for my first year and it is a but overwhelming getting everything ready. I got all the introduction/invitation to ice cream social letters out yesterday, so that is one thing marked off the list. I have to start back the 19th, kids not until the 29th.

I will say that I am going to start downsizing my website. I have a few more weeks to make beads, but after school starts, not sure how much time I will have, especially this first year.

Here are a few pics of the photoshoot the kids had with Nala the other day. She is such a good puppy and we just love her. Gonna be hard to leave her when school starts. Enjoy the pics :)

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Lisa said...

Good luck to you in your new school year! I used to teach 4 yr olds, little people are so precious, like little sponges absorbing eveything around them! Oh, and your puppy is so adorable! It will be hard leaving her everyday, but the welcome you will get every afternoon will be awesome!