Saturday, May 31, 2008

Metallic Silver Focals

A few new focal beads.  They were made with awesome silver glass, raku stringer and some have silver mesh.  The last one was one of my favorite styles.  I made 3 of them, thinking they were so cool.  They all CRACKED.  Must have a compatibility issue with the encasing.  So sad...  If anyone wants one for their personal collection, I will sell them cheap.  The crack is just on one side.

I also want to say "thanks" to all who have emailed and commented on my post about my store idea.  I want to add a couple details about it.  Justin has a building here in town that he purchased with his father and another guy that used to be a lumber yard.  They have storage units in the back for boats, campers and such.  The front of the building is vacant, so that is what we are thinking about fixing up.  I would have store hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.  I can afford to do that because the rent will be so low (at first anyway)  It would be so handy for me here because I could leave if I need to run home, pick up kids from school, etc.  My future goal is to open a store in Iowa City, but thought this would be a trial run to see if 1.) I like and enjoy it and 2.) if it goes well, before I would invest so much money for a store in Iowa City.  

I have been at home for over 8 years.  I have enjoyed every minute of it and feel very blessed I was able to.  I am getting to a point were I want to get out a little and thought this would be a fun opportunity to have "the best of both worlds"  I could stay at home the majority of the week, but also get out a little and share what I have to offer.

Thoughts on that????


Cheri B said...

You won't know till you try it! Does sound like 'best of both worlds'. You go girl!!!!!!

Kristen said...

Yep, I agree! Best of both worlds... Why not have your cake and eat it too! I understand about being home as I am doing it too. I would love to be able to have an opportunity like this, so if you think you can swing it, then definately go for it!