Thursday, May 8, 2008

Under $25

My exciting news...

I think I might have mentioned it briefly before, but I have some beads published in a magazine again.  In February an editor from BeadStyle magazine bought some beads from me for a piece she was working on.  I was so, so, so, so, excited.  They are in the special issue of "Under $25" that just came out.  They will be in most stores the 13th of May, but I know a few bead stores already have them such as Bead Haven in Cedar Rapids.  In the issue are pieces of jewelry you can make for under $25.  For some of the pieces is a little box titled "splurge" in which you can add or change something to the piece for a little more money (or a lot).  Lindsay made a necklace with my beads and it turned out wonderful. 

I added a special section to my website for sets that can be used for the necklace.  It uses 5, 18mm lentil beads and for the earrings 2, 15mm beads.


Lindsay Haedt said...

Thanks for telling your readers about Under $25, Melissa! When I was looking for splurge options, I fell in love with your beads and just had to have them.

Thanks again!

Melissa said...

Thanks Lindsay. I just got the magazine and LOVE it. I especially love the little "splurge" options for different ideas. Can't wait to try some of the designs!