Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day of Preschool

Today Cana started Preshool.  I wasn't sure how it would go because she is VERY shy and almost melts when someone she doesn't know talks to her.  This morning she was so brave, I was so proud of her.  She went in the room, got her "mail", hung up her bookbag and started playing.  I had to beg for a hug, in fear she would miss some of her "play kitchen" time.  Can't wait to pick her up in a few hours and hear all about it!

A couple new capped beads I think you will like (or hope you do)  I made some clear hollow beads and filled them with some glitters.  Having been a preschool teacher for a few years, the one thing I would avoid at all costs is glitter.  I would substitute for something else, or not do the craft all together if it called for glitter.   I REALLY don't like it, so I hope you can really appreciate the work I put into this second bead, knowing how I feel about glitter.  I think they are pretty cool.

I am extending the little sale I mentioned before until tonight.  I added several new products over the weekend and am offering a 10% sale.  Use the word "august" to save.  

Have a great Monday!


deehebard said...

Those beautiful little girls! It must have been an emotional morning for you as well.
The new beads are very fun and playful...and I know what you mean about gets into everything!

Caroline said...

Oooo, the beads remind me of little candies and little precious works of art!

deehebard said...

I was just thinking...they would make beautiful little Christmas ornaments...if made a little larger. I love they way you capped them Melissa. The mixed metal is really pretty!

Carmela said...

I love those! They are something different and fun! Great idea!

Cheri B said...

The capped beads and the flower are awesome! The copper shard/blue one is WOW! Thanks for the quick ship!! I hope the pandora bead will fit my sister's bracelet?little present for her) :--))

The Locket said...

Holy smokes those hollow beads are cool! :)

Melissa said...

That would be a great idea. I will have to keep that in mind.

Thanks so much for the comments ladies! I appreciate them!