Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A few questions

I was so excited to show you the flowers, I didn't even write much about them.  They are meant to hang as a focal on a necklace.  They measure about 37mm x 41 mm.  Here is a picture of the back.  I make a little tab shape, then let the glass droop a little so it hangs down.  As for a price, I have no idea.  I HATE pricing!!!  The hardest part of the job.  They do take awhile to make, but I am just starting then, so they are not perfect.  I am thinking the soft glass ones around 20-23 and the boro a few dollars more.  I will hang one on some leather later and take picture so you have an idea.  I also made about 6 more in BORO.  Turned out awesome.  There is no sun today, so I will see what kind of pictures I can get.  I am off to a doctors appt for my daughter, so I will be back later with more pictures.

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