Monday, December 8, 2008

A couple pictures of the kids playing in the snow last week.  I think it's suppose to snow some more, so the kids will be excited for that.

Well, I just finished my last show for the year, and must say that I am kind of excited and relieved.  Now I can focus more on making some new beads, my website and xmas.  

Make sure to sign up for my newsletter if you haven't yet.  I might be sending out a coupon soon :)

I have had a few emails asking about when I might have some new bent beads.  I will try yo get some more of those up on the website soon.

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Kristen said...

Melissa, they are adorable! My kids managed to stay outside for about 10 minutes and then they wanted to come in! I think they step outside, just to come in for the hot cocoa! ha ha