Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puppy Pictures

I haven't updated you with puppy pictures for awhile. The weather here in Iowa has been super great these last few days, but I think that might be ending :( We have had Nala outside a lot and she is LOVING it! I love the length of her hair right now. We have had her groomed once and it looked super bad. BUT now we understand that you have to cut it really short so that it can grow out or else you will be getting her hair cut all the time.

I am feeling sad because tomorrow she is getting "fixed" and will be staying overnight at the vets. For some reason I am so sad about it and the house will be so different. Gonna make plan sot go out, so I won't be at home reminded how sad and lonely she is with out me ;) I am horrible, I know. I will get to pick her up Thursday morning at 9:00. I am sure some of you have been through this...

After running around all day, she was exhausted!

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