Monday, January 12, 2009

For the love of Boro glass

Edited to add:  the special will end Wednesday night.

I spent most of the morning updating the boro bead set on my website.  I went through all my sets to see what I have in stock and what I need to take pictures of.  I bought a couple new tutorials for working with boro glass and new color combinations and have some new glass coming my way.  So I was thinking what a better time to have a little sale on my boro beads.  I am going to give you a great deal on these beads.  If you buy one set, you can get a 2nd set for 40% off.  No coupon to input, I will email with the savings and refund paypal, or charge your credit card the correct amount.  So go check them out!!!!


Cris Leonard said...

I really like the beads in the last picture. The pink and brown. Luscious colors! It was great talking to you and let's get together soon!

Janice Judge said...

Hey Melissa - I was just asked to do a bday party for 12-13 yr. old girls for about 8 girls. Do you have suggestions?? and what should I charge per girl??

Melissa said...

I am emailing you Janice.

Thanks Cris. Can't wait to get together and see where your masterpieces are created ;)