Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great way to Start the week!

Getting ready to send out a newsletter. Here is what it says...

Just getting back from a great show in Sun Prairie, WI. Thanks so
much to everyone who came! Now I need to inventory my beads and
update my website. In the process of packing for my show, I came
across a bag of beads that had several (40 sets to be exact) of boro
beads. I hate that they are just sitting here, although I do have 4
more shows and could probably put them on display and sell them.
First though, I am going to offer them online. I just spent the
evening uploading the pictures and put them in a special category of
Boro Specials. Most of the sets retail for around $50 and you can
save up to $20 a set. This is a great deal and is first come, first

Check it out here...

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