Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So much to do...

YEAH!!! Out of 40 sets I only have 16 left. That is wonderful. All orders are shipped (except a few that i emailed you about) so you should have them by the weekend to play ;)

OK, so today when I was subbing I was thinking how much I have to do... Need to make postcards for my open house, I have a show next weekend that I have LOTS to get ready for, getting all these orders shipped out, making some more jewelry for my open house, work on updating website, and the list goes on. Panic set in, BUT I thought I am only teaching Friday this week and next week I don't have any subbing dates and if I get asked I will just have to say it doesn't work because of all I have to do. As I am thinking this in my head in walks a teacher and asks if I could sub tomorrow afternoon. What comes out of my mouth??? "Of course I can sub for you!" What, did I just say that. YES I DID!!! I can't say no! Oh well, it will all work out and I will get my beads made. ;)

I have shown this necklace before, but now I have the bead for sale. I had several compliments this last weekend at the trunk show and many wondered if I had that bead for sale. At the time I didn't, but know I do.

Murrini 5
Got my copy of Bead Trends with my necklace in it. It is the very last page ~ ya can't miss it ;)

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