Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Facebook link

Just got all the boro sets added to the website. Here is a link to all the pictures ~ hope you can see them. I put them on my facebook fan page. Follow this link.

Here is a picture of our puppy. She is growing so fast. When we got her and took her to the vet she weighed 3.4 lbs. We took her last week and she was up to 5.6. We are taking her to get groomed on Saturday. Kind of sad about it because I LOVE all this fluffy hair. She will look so different. I told the kids that I think I do LOVE her. The reason I knew it was because last week she got a shot. The next day she just laid around the house, didn't play and had no energy. I really bothered me so I called the vet and they said it can happen in a little puppy after a shot. I was worried something might be wrong and thought if something would happen to her I would cry. THAT is how I knew I loved her ;) For someone who did not want a dog, I am enjoying her!



Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, she is just adorable!!! :)

Anonymous said...

She has grown a lot - so cute :) Bella just got groomed Sat too and I wish Bella would've stayed small like Nala is now.