Thursday, January 13, 2011

revamping the website

Yeah!!! Finally some new beads! I have about 6 sets in boro and 2 sets of the etched with fine silver wire. Yesterday I worked on inventorying my website, seeing what I have still and what has not been photographed and added to my website. I was surprised at how much I have that is not on there. I think I have about 15 boro sets to add and probably 30 nugget focals yet to be added. Yesterday was a bright sunny day, so I got some pictures taken, just need to edit and add them online. Here is a sneak peak...

Boro 30
Boro 18
Frosted Pine


Kristen said...

They are all so beautiful! Love the sets you put together. Especially the ones that make great earring pairs! :)

Francy said...

oh sparkly beads! so pretty.