Friday, February 22, 2008

Not me

I am so sorry guys, but I am so sick.  The kids all had the flu two days apart starting last Friday, now I guess it's my turn, although mine is lasting more than 24 hours.  I am praying the little guy doesn't get it because nothing breaks my heart more then sick kids, although my 4 year old got it again.  Anyway, just wanted to pop in a say THANKS again for all the emails.  Orders will be shipped on Monday because I WILL be feeling better by then.


Cheri said...

Melissa, Sorry your sick :-( Finally got the new site. Looks great!! LOVE the BOROSILICATES!!Such better and closer pictures of the beads! Is that your macro camera? I AM NOT BEING CRITICAL- Melissa, JUST for your consideration.. or thoughts on how to tweak if you can? I like the date the beads were created. I also like your descriptions of the colors of the beads. The revolving new items how often does that move? I noticed when you are on P2-3 and go back to "see all' it sends you back to P1, instead of the page you were on? When you photogragh the metal capped, I would like to see the sides of the beads,vs the top of them. (ie.the yellow and honey dew) You do FANTASTIC WORK! No response is necessary to me just food for thought.. This site was certainly a HUGE project! and much more pleasing to the eye! I don't know how you do it all!!!

Cheri said...

Forgot,,, are the sold items going to just drop off or show as sold?

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comments Cheri. I appreciate them. When items get sold they will be marked as Sold until I take them off the site.