Saturday, February 9, 2008

Took the plunge

I told you how I have been working on getting better pictures...  I have researched online alot lately and came to the conclusion that I might want to invest in a macro lens.  I debated for awhile, but finally decided to order one.  I hated to spend that kind of money, but think I will be happy in the end.  I am excited to see how close I will be able to get in on the beads and show all the details.  Alot of these boro beads have sparkles that I just can't seem to capture in a picture.  Last night we all went to the Iowa City library and I checked out every book on Macro photography there is.  Here's to hoping for some better photos...

Below are a few new boro sets from the last couple days.  If you are interested in any just email me.  The pendants are $15 and the boro sets vary.  Have a great weekend!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Melissa...I LOVE the new beads! Especially the ones with the orb-like dots in them...they are all very cool! You will love the macro can get in very close. Can wait to see your new photos...Deedee